Nevada's Medical Marijuana Dispensaries


Las Vegas is the entertainment capital of the world and one of the fastest growing regions in terms of cannabis consumption. Dispensaries are springing up everywhere. However, it's still a violation to consume cannabis on public property, which means many of these new Dispensaries are finding their market in private homes.

If you live in Las Vegas, chances are you've seen or heard of a medical marijuana dispensary. These shops sell not only medicinal plants but also accessories, such as pipes, rolling pins and jars. They were originally created to serve the patients of Las Vegas hospitals, who were given weed to ease the pain associated with many of their conditions, but it wasn't long before entrepreneurs decided to take advantage of this legislation and create an easily accessible source of income for themselves. Las Vegas dispensary owners are taking advantage of a situation that is ripe with money and opportunity - and it looks like anyone who can walk into one of these shops is going to make a bundle.

While there are no official stats available on Las Vegas cannabis sales, it is believed that most sales are indeed occurring within the city limits. The most popular among them are the ones located in the casino basements, although it is also possible to find some from the newer developments around the airport. The latter is especially convenient for tourists, as well as people looking to relocate to the area. Many are simply looking to find a place to buy legally-grown cannabis without having to deal with the red tape of federal laws. There are also shops that have opened in hotels in the past, but those aren't the type that you will see walking around outside at night.

Some of the reasons why Las Vegas has become such a hot spot for recreational marijuana dispensaries is the number of visitors to the area attracts, view las vegas dispensary. Almost twenty million people pass through the city every year, making it the most popular vacation spot in the country. Many of them stop on their way to Vegas to experience the friendliness, shows, shopping and fun that come with the strip. All the things that they can get at home while they are on vacation is available right there, and that includes medical marijuana. It may be legal to buy it at any location inside the state, but it is still not right to be sold by anyone except licensed dealers.

There are many types of Las Vegas Dispensaries, and all of them serve different purposes. Medical marijuana clinics are one of the oldest and most established forms of recreational cannabis use in the US. They are often located in high-income areas, because they are regulated by the state. Other types are more discreet, catering mostly to the younger, more independent crowd. But regardless of what type of establishment you are looking at, there is a good chance that a number of them are located in the trendy Las Vegas Strip. Learn more at


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